Season three of Stranger Things arrives July 4th and Netflix has done a fine job at keeping fans in the loop on what's to come without giving away too much. From the episode and synopsis rolloutsoundtrack and previous teasers to games and Nike collaborations, the anticipated season couldn't come sooner and now that we're two weeks out, the streaming service is here with the final trailer. 

The under three-minute clip shows more than we've ever seen before with certain clips that touch on just what David Harbour anticipated - more emotional moments between the characters. Unfortunately, Eleven and her crew thought they had closed the portal to the Upside Down in the previous season but Will begs to question if the monster was locked out and has been staying in Hawkins the whole time. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The trailer shows the cast more grown up and ready to handle what's thrown their way, but it doesn't mean they'll get out without a few scratches and bloodshed. "We're going to end you. We're going to end your friends. We're going to end... everyone," the monster (that seemingly now has a voice) says in the clip. 

Watch the full trailer below and catch the show on Netflix as of July 4th.