For years, animation series' that target adult audiences have been a hit. Netflix has tapped into the craze with a few of their shows, and now from the minds of BoJack Horseman comes Tuca & Bertie starring comedians Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong. Netflix released a trailer for the series where they showed clips of what fans can expect from these two leading ladies of comedy, while also speaking to them candidly about what its been like working together.

According to Wong, their characters are much like who they are in real life. "I mean, in a lot of ways, it kind of does mirror us because Tiffany is out there and about, and she's like fun and not repressed," Wong explained in the trailer. "And I'm kind of a recluse and I'm a homebody. I'm like the boring person who is at home with my husband and my kids."

Tuca & Bertie focus on two 30-something, human-sized birds who are friends that live in the same apartment building who are polar opposite personalities. Art director and producer Lisa Hanawalt hopes to expand on her BoJack success with women as her main characters. “It’s sort of a soothing show to watch,” says Hanawalt, “Very relaxing and sweet and funny and feels friendly, like these are your buddies, but also kind of perverted and surreal and there are some darker themes that are touched on in the show. I want it grounded in things that I worry about from day to day.”

“I’d consistently go on Netflix or whatever and try to find a cartoon that really felt like it was for me, and I just wasn’t finding it," Hanawalt continued. "There are shows created by women that are aimed at children like, Steven Universe, that I really, really love but they don’t have those adult themes that I want to see, and then there are animated shows for adults, but they’re created by men and largely written by men and so they don’t have the themes that I want. They’re not speaking to me. Most of the things I create, whether they’re comic books or shows, I’m just trying to create what I would want to watch personally.”

Check out the trailer below, and don't miss the part when Wong and Haddish are in the recording booth together taking a break. Haddish is going through her Instagram when Wong comments that she has a "lot of check marks" in her DMs. When Wong mentions to Haddish that a certain guy might be good to hook up with, Haddish notes, "Yeah, but he has herpes. No thank you." Goodness.

Tuca & Bertie will be available May 3 on Netflix.