With everyone trapped inside for copious amounts of time during quarantine, you may have found yourself running out of compelling content to watch on Netflix. Thankfully, fans of the streaming service have a lot to look forward to throughout the rest of July. Netflix has announced it will be clearing out some of its old selections to make room for a large rehaul of new material this month

One of Netflix's planned series that is causing a lot of buzz is Fatal Affair, a show that seemingly possesses high potential given its star-studded cast. This domestic-thriller series features Stephen Bishop and Nia Long, a seemingly perfect couple whose lives are upended when Long's ex, played by Juice star Omar Epps, comes back into the picture. An affair ensues between Long and Epps, which, as pictured in the series' trailer, becomes increasingly erratic (and potentially fatal, as the show's title suggests). 

Fatal Affair is directed by Peter Sullivan, the director of Netflix's psychological thriller film Secret Obsession. It is set to be released on July 16. In the meanwhile, you can check out some of our other favorite Netflix selections, listed here. 

Check out the full trailer for Fatal Affair below.