The Netflix Era has officially arrived. Of course we've experiencing the paradigm shift towards digital content, but now for the first time ever Netflix has outdone HBO by four Emmy nominations to dominate the field. Netflix's tally of 112 nominations makes it the forerunner in the growing field of TV production, a crown HBO has held for 17 years.

This past week, John Stankey the man tasked with overseeing the HBO brand from  his AT&T executive chair, said he envisioned a tough year ahead if they are to keep up with full-on digital streaming services. "It’s going to be a tough year," Mr. Stankey said. "It’s going to be a lot of work to alter and change direction a little bit."

While the answers may not be readily available, the AT&T exec and his co-chairs are strongly considering rethinking HBO's "quality over quantity" motto which has handed the cable network its unprecedented reputation for decades on end. On the flip side, Netflix really started peeling away from the rest of the crowd when it started producing/purchasing its own content back in 2013. Shows like House of Cards and Hemlock Grove helped accelerate their brand by leaps and bounds, to where we are today.