Fyre Festival is the most disastrous music festival to happen in history. The festival, which finessed people out of thousands of dollars for a "once-in-a-lifetime musical experience," turned into havoc once attendees got on the grounds. Ultimately, lawsuits were filed against Ja Rule and the founder, Billy McFarland who is currently behind bars. Now, Netflix has acquired a documentary about the disastrous festival and announced a release date.

Netflix has acquired Fyre, a documentary focusing on the chaotic music festival created by Billy McFarland and Ja Rule. The doc was directed by Chris Smith who provides deeper insight into the chaos that occurred on the festival grounds. The festival was marketed as a luxurious music festival experience set on a private island. that included A-List musical performances, appearances from celebrity influencers and more. Once attendees got to the festival grounds, they realized that it was not as organized as it seemed on social media. The documentary is set to arrive on Netflix on January 19th. 

In addition to Netflix, Hulu is also getting ready to release a docu-series on Fyre Festival which is set to arrive in 2019. 

Billy McFarland and Ja Rule were both hit with several lawsuits which totaled over $100M in damages. McFarland was recently sentenced to six years in prison after he was indicted on wire fraud charges.

Peep the trailer for Fyre below.