Only good news has been coming by way of Netflix in recent weeks. March brought in a new wave of exciting content, and then the platform announced they will be releasing 700 new movies and series in 2018 alone - that's basically a new show or movie per day.

After just following up on the happenings on their undoubtedly most popular series, Stranger Things, the platform now shares good news on the other popular series, Black Mirror. 

Taking to Twitter, the official account for the show tweets a video of clips from the past seasons with the caption, "the future will be brighter than ever."

Of course, this has left many users excited as Black Mirror is known for exploring the scary possible (?) realities that can take place anytime now with the obsession of technology that continues to grow among people. 

Last season definitely explored consciousness and the mind in episodes like "Arkangel," "USS Callister," and "Black Museum." Considering the past concepts of the series were so far out and almost unimaginable it's hard to say what season five will bring.

If you guys could pitch a concept what would it be?