Netflix has officially announced that their original series "Stranger Things" will be returning for a second season in 2017. The bizarre story that stretched viewers' imaginations this Summer ended with a cliffhanger so it's no surprise that Netflix is renewing the smash-hit for a new season.

According to reports, the second season will be nine episodes deep, one more than the premier season, and will give fans some answers pertaining to the long-lost Barb.

"Barb will not be forgotten," Matt Duffer noted. "We'll make sure there's some justice for Barb. People get very frustrated, understandably, that the town doesn't seem to be really dealing with Barb. That stuff is all happening. We're just not spending any screen time on it. It's not like her parents are like 'Oh Barb left. She died!'" 

The Duffer Brothers, who ill resume their roles as writers and co-show runners in Stranger Things Season 2, also hinted that we haven't seen the last of Dr. Brenner, the villainous character played by Matthew Modine.

“I would say that if we were going to kill Brenner… as an audience member watching the show, if that was his death, that would be very unsatisfying to me – when the monster jumps on him and we cut away. He would deserve much more than that as an ending. So yes, there’s a possibility of seeing him again.”

Take a look at the Season 2 teaser trailer (featuring the titles of each episode), as well as an interesting theory about Eleven below: