Imagine you are planning a trip but before you book any tickets or decide where you want to go you need to head to the Internet to scope out prices and hotels. Of course, there would be a number of sites, blogs and reviews you would read to make sure you pick the right place. 

You being able to check out all the information on the Internet is called net neutrality. You are capable of going to any website, without having to pay, without having blocked content or slow service.

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed a plan to revoke this rule and wants to bundle all your favourite websites into packages for customers to purchase, the same way we choose a combo meal at a fast food restaurant. For example, Internet users (everybody) may choose to have unlimited access to sites such as YouTube, Google, BBC News, Ebay, Amazon and so much more as long as they are included in their desired package. If a certain website is not in your package, you can be blocked and have no access.  

The F.C.C.'s move to eliminate net neutrality will greatly affect any and all startup sites and blogs that are just on the brink of success. Imagine if you just started a blog on sneaker reviews, with not as many hits as your competitor, what would make a customer put your site in their package over a site that's 'more trusted'?

Clearly, this plan has sparked a lot of controversy on social media leaving many shocked that this may even be an option. Check out some of the tweets below from those who are both against the act and for the new plan. 

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?