We're not sure what's going on between Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes's faltering friendship, but the public feud has turned ugly. Nene has accused Wendy of being on drugs, cocaine specifically, and the pair that once seemed so close are now sworn, mortal enemies. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has an ally on her side in the form of Growing Up Hip Hop's Madina Malina, and she shared a video accusing Nene of having a rendevous with French Montana.

Nene Leakes, Frech Montana, Madina Malina, Wendy Williams
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

"Why don't you start telling the truth," Madina said. "First of all, you snuck your way back into Wendy's life. You tricked me and asked to have a sit-down, asked her to come to dinner which I did... She won't even respond to you... Why don't you talk about the part where when we was in a truck, you was letting French touch all on your snatch? That's right, you were all up under French Montana. A whole married woman, Nene."

"So, what I'mma tell you is this: Fall all the way back. Keep everybody name out your mouth because if you keep coming for people, guess what's gon' happen? It's gon' be more stuff aired out. More receipts shown, and I don't think you want that smoke." Watch Madina's full video below.