Back in October, news surfaced that Nelly had been arrested in connection to an alleged rape that occurred in Washington. The rapper and his lawyer have since denied that it occurred and he's maintained his innocence throughout to the point where he's threatened to countersue the alleged victim. At one point, his accuser, Monique Green, refused to testify against the rapper. However, she's since filed a lawsuit against Nelly for sexual assault and defamation and today, some of the evidence to the case have been released.

The evidence that's pointing against Nelly has surfaced, courtesy of TMZ. The photographs that have been released include both his and her clothing from the night as well as pictures of the tour bus after the alleged incident took place. The photos show both of their undergarments from that evening as well as pictures of Nelly in handcuffs and the bed that is reportedly took place on. TMZ also posted surveillance footage of the evening too which you can see below.

Since the accusations were made against Nelly, many of his peers have publicly stood by his side and made statements denying that he did it. Among those are T.I. and Akon. T.I. initially hit Instagram to send a warning on the dangers of falsely accusing men of rape. He was later approached by TMZ where he shared some supportive words to the accused rapper.

Prior to that, Akon was approached by TMZ where he said the accusations are "bogus."

We'll keep you updated on the case as it goes. Check the pictures here and the surveillance footage below.