Artists just want to own the music that they create, but that's not always the case. There's some drama going down between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun after the latter recently purchased Swift's previous label, Big Machine Label Group. The move means that Braun owns Swifts recordings, and since the announcement was made, Swift has been throwing shade at the music manager.

Nelly was recently asked his give his thoughts about the feud from the viewpoint of an artist. "Music is your life, man," he told PEOPLE. "It's your art. It's your heart. It's your sweat. It's your blood. It's your tears. You stand up. You alienate different things. I went through a point to where I spent so much time in the studio that it was affecting my relationships with my kids in the sense of [them asking], 'Daddy, why are you spending so much time there.' But that was when they were really, really young. Now that they [are] older they see, because now one of them wants to sing...My point is, you put so much blood and so much sweat and tears into it, you just want a fair shake when it comes to being able to claim what's yours."

The rapper also shared that it took some time for his children to recognize his international superstar status. He claimed that his daughter didn't give him any props until he took her to a concert where she was able to meet Bow Wow face-to-face backstage. He said his daughter asked, "We meetin' Bow Wow?" to which he replied, "You do know that I out-sold Bow Wow...but it was a great feeling. Just to see her eyes light up when she met him...I felt great as a father being able to do that."