We're not sure why Nelly is so dead-set on playing Branson, seeing how the town is an oasis for the dead-end acts of yesteryear. (Then again, Country Grammar did just celebrate its 10-year anniversary.) 

Anyway, it seems the St. Louis rapper will finally realize his dream of playing in the "Hillbilly Heartland." Nelly is signed on for an August 21 concert at Mansion Theatre (a venue more accustomed to the Gatlin Brothers, Michael Bolton and Beatles' re-enactors Liverpool Legends.)
Nelly had planned to play an outdoor concert in Branson, but the city's board of aldermen refused to grant a permit over concerns about parking, noise and crowd control. The promoter for the concert later filed a temporary restraining order against the city hoping to overturn its decision. Last week a judge sided with the city and the decision was made to move the show indoors.
One wonders if -- like other acts in Branson -- Nelly will offer an all-you-can-eat concert/buffet in the a.m., followed by a matinee show and early-evening performance.