21 Savage and Chris Brown aren't the only two celebrities who have grabbed some "Usher Bucks" for themselves since the R&B legend was allegedly caught throwing fake money inside of the club. Nelly also made sure to stock up on the growing currency, showing off with a handful of bills directly obtained from Usher himself.

A few days ago, Usher was trending on social media because of a dancer's allegations against him. The exotic club entertainer went viral after showing off the money that the singer was handing out to girls inside the club, which featured his face on the bills. Affectionately referred to as the "Ush Bucks," it was later revealed that Usher actually dropped thousands of dollars on private dances and bottles-- spending legitimate American dollars. Because of how popular the trend got though, artists have been rushing to get their own Usher Bucks, and Nelly is the latest rapper to show off with the funds.

"I'm out here. Got me some of them U Bucks, don't act like that," said the legendary rapper while thumbing through hundreds. "I got mine straight from the man!" He pans the camera to show Usher, wearing a money-covered bucket hat with a big smile on his face, clearly enjoying all the fun that this has brought him. 

While there are no shops or clubs that legally accept Usher Bucks, they may end up being worth something if Usher continues to distribute his fake currency like this. Do you want some Ush Bucks?