Nelly sort of fell off the radar when his sexual assault allegations were at its peak, only coming forward with statements maintaining his innocence. Recently, he hopped back on the grid airing out some family drama between him and his father saying he's done with supporting him financially after his dad did nothing for him. "The word father is a strong word. Something I never knew anything about as a child because mine never did what he had to do only what he wanted," he tweeted.

Despite all the negative happenings Nelly may be going through outside of music, he used his classic tunes to make a couple brides have a very memorable bachelorette party. Nelly was at Miami hotspot E11EVEN this past weekend and invited two brides to be on stage for a little serenade. “Nelly was the life of the party, literally,” a source told Page Six, adding how he, “asked two brides-to-be from bachelorette parties to join him.”

In the video below you can see Nelly singing his 2002 Kelly Rowland assisted tune "Dilemma" while two women enjoy the sounds and dance along on stage. 

Check it out below.