When asked whether he'd once again rise to the occasion if called upon, Nelly takes a moment to reflect. "Fortunately enough, I've had the pleasure of doing it twice," he says. "I don't see the big deal on people upset about who's performing at halftime, because what people have to understand is if you're really against the NFL, the half-time show isn't what you should be concerned about." He continues, breaking down a harsh reality that many "outraged" voice has yet to accept. "If you're watching the NFL, if you're supporting your team, that's how they get paid. They don't get paid for the halftime show." 

The photographer points out that Kaepernick himself, the main figurehead behind the changing attitudes toward the NFL, has expressed disappointment in Travis Scott for accepting the position. "He has his own reasons, but again, if you watch the NFL every Sunday, if you support your team, that's how they make their money. They don't make their money doing the half-time show. If you're trying to make a stand against the NFL, you should probably not watch it on Sunday, or not go to the games." 

Ultimately, he believes Travis had every right to accept the offer, mentioning that he himself would have "probably" done it, if offered. Peep the video footage below, via TMZ