The once mighty Nelly has seen his name tarnished over recent allegations of sexual assault. While original stories broke back in 2017, the saga of Nelly's recent legal woes has been long and winding. While the initial charge was covered at length, the rapper was recently hit with another accusation, this time from an alleged victim overseas. Said victim accused the rapper of inviting her backstage, where he proceeded to indulge in all manner of lewd behavior; apparently, he attempted navigating her head toward his erect penis, so she says. 

It appears the accusations have gotten to Nelly, who was recently hit up by TMZ for an on-the-fly Q&A session. The rapper decided to keep his destination unknown, but he did reveal he was heading "overseas." His claim immediately led the cameraman to inquire whether Nelly was trying handle some legal business, although the Country Grammar rapper remained mum. He did, however, reaffirm his innocence, and claim that the media was taking an obvious stance alongside the accusers. "When my charges got dropped I don't think that made as much headlines as my accuser," says Nelly, with his tone suggesting an unspoken "you-tell-me."

As of now, Nelly remains a free man. However, there seem to be no shortage of accusers willing to put him to task. Whether or not this holds any severe consequences for the rapper remains to be seen. One can only hope that justice is served.