Last week, Nelly's bus was pulled over near Chattanooga, TN for failing to display necessary stickers. The cops smelled weed, searched the bus, found the weed--as well as some more contraband--namely, several guns, and a plastic bag full of rocks that would test positive for meth. 

Nelly was taken to the county jail and released shortly thereafter, though the St. Louis rapper is now faced with a felony charge. Today, Nelly spoke on the charges for the first time, and issued an apology--well, sort of--he mostly eschews all blame entirely. 

He and his legal team claim that between 15 and 20 people were granted entry to the bus earlier that night before the bust. The drugs, and everything else, must have been brought on by any one of those shady characters. Nelly was just trying to be a good guy--"my instinct of course, is to be accessible to my friends, fans and acquaintances", but he ultimately admits, "I feel the need to take responsibility for my choices in needing to be more aware of all the people I associate with and allow onto my property."

By the way, his lawyer claims the drugs were molly, not meth. 

Looks like we won't be gaining entry to Nelly's bus anytime soon. 

[via TMZ]