The self-proclaimed "queen of R&B trap," Detroit's Neisha Neshae is the latest guest on BagFuel with co-hosts Hynaken and E$$O. These days, the rapper has been getting her hands in a whole bunch of different projects. She's officially added "actress" to her resume through her role in Icewear Vezzo's feature-length film Price Of Love on Amazon Prime. 

With so much going on in her professional life, E$$O and Hynaken caught up with Neisha Neshae to get her thoughts on the current state of Detroit rap, which has been booming with stars like Babyface Ray, 42 Dugg, Peezy, and others coming up. Of course, she also touches on her role in Price Of Love, smiling as she pridefully described what it was like shooting the movie. Neisha and E$$O also argue about who has more tattoos, which was prompted by Neisha admitting that she's in consideration for a spot on Inked Magazine.

The young rising talent was recently featured as part of Hour Magazine's best-dressed list for 2020, and her record "Double Up" was part of the soundtrack for the Netflix film Coffee and Kareem. Despite her making moves in movies, Neisha isn't stepping away from music. In her words, that's her lifelong passion and she's excited to share even more of her new music going forward.

Watch the latest episode of BagFuel above and let us know who you would like to see on the show next.