Nef The Pharoah Feat. Slimmy B "Bling Blaow" Video

Aron A.
August 15, 2017 16:13

Nef The Pharoah's neck will blind you in his new video.

Nef The Pharaoh is a young buck on the rise right now. While he made his way buzzing from California off of regional hits to features for some major artists, he continues to grow as an artist and shine at that. With a co-sign from the Bay Area OG, E-40 on his side, he continues to drop hits for the streets.

Today, he dropped the video for "Bling Blaow" featuring Slimmy B. "Bling Blaow" is another hit for Nef. Fresh off of the release of The Chang Mixtape, this song serves as one of the lead singles off of the project and it was definitely a great choice. The two rappers are seen flexin' their diamonds inside the jewelry store to the streets and to the studio. The video has both of them inside of the jewelry store, next to E-40, as they show off their iced out jewelry before the hook kicks in. While they rap "Look at my neck/Bling Blaow/Blindin'" the cinematographer gets close up the their pieces. 

The video isn't incredibly complex in terms of setting but the director usage photo time lapse in each scene as b-role helps the video stand out and puts an emphasis on the most important part of the video: the jewelry. 

Nef the Pharoah has been very busy over the past few months. He has not only been working on his own music relentlessly but he's also been putting in work with other artists. The 22-year-old rapper also ended up grabbing a spot on Snoop Dogg's latest album Neva Left on the song "Toss It" alongside other west coast legend, Too $hort. 

Nef The Pharoah has a very bright future ahead of him and with this new video dropping, it's assurance that he's a young voice from the west coast that'll continue to blossom as an artist with every release. 

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