At this point, who knows who Donald Trump might be considering to have perform at his inauguration, aside from maybe Kid Rock or Garth Brooks. Earlier today, a surprising potential candidate was revealed: Ne-Yo. This is the same singer who, two months ago, vowed to become neighbors with Drake in Toronto if Trump were to win. 

"Yeah, I'd be there," Ne-Yo told TMZ at LAX this morning, after being asked if he would consider the hypothetical invitation to Trump's inauguration. However, his willingness to perform does not signal that he's changed his mind on Trump. "I wouldn't go 'cause I support Donald Trump," he clarified, "I'd go 'cause it's a dope party." Fair point, indeed...

Question to even Trump's staunchest opponent: Would you accept an invite to the inauguration party? 

Though Ne-Yo is surely among the top talents to consider performing for Trump -- and, to the best of our knowledge, the only black artist, it is unlikely that he will get the offer. He went on to explain his plan for crashing the party: "I would go, get the check, have a good time, and still say to hell with Donald Trump." He threw up the bird while letting his true opinions on the president-elect be known. 

Artists who have performed at Obama's various inauguration parties include Aretha Franklin, Yo Yo Ma, Jay Z, The Dead, and Stevie Wonder. Trump will have an awfully hard time matching a bill of that caliber.