Ne-Yo has been clamoring for men Nationwide to pick up the "Good Man" shtick. He's felt for the longest time that Bad Boys are good for nothing. He'd be the first to tell you Bad Boys are part of a romantic past you leave behind.

And grow up he has, the r&b singer and wife Crystal are now responsible for bringing a second child into this world. This time it's healthy boy they named Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. Apparently the child wasn't expected until a later date, but thankfully he was still delivered without a hitch on Thursday, June 14. Crystal exclaimed her surprised and her thankfulness through a series of IG posts, one revealing the child's name, and a second describing her rushed experience. She said, "God had other plans apparently. A routine doctors visit on Thursday and I was rushed straight to the hospital and into surgery less than a hour later!" 

Ne-Yo finally took to social media himself, a self-congratulatory post for Father's Day. The picture he included was of he and newborn Roman Alexander taking their first father/son nap together. Underneath the caption he shouted out his wife, giving her full for his slick back looks. Let's hope the boy develops a better taste in headgear than his father.