A lot of Ne-Yo's hits are the slow, sensual kind that begs to be added to any given R&B playlist. It's for that reason why sometimes the "Sexy Love" singer can't shy away from playing his tunes when it comes to personal time with his wife, Crystal Renay. But according to the singer, it's only "by request only." 

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

TMZ caught up with Ne-Yo at the airport and questioned him about a rumour they heard that he listens to his own music during sex. After admitting that it's true he made it clear that it was never his idea. Ne-Yo did reveal just one annoyance that comes with listening to his own music. "I'm guna be very honest. Half the time I don't like it because I can't listen to my music without critiquing, so like, mid-stroke I'm like 'ah that verse could have been better.'" The cameraman suggested that maybe that's a good tactic to "last longer." 

"That's true, but I don't need those tactics," Ne-Yo responded. As for the most requested song by Crystal, it's his 2006 release "Mirror." Ne-Yo and Crystal met in 2015 and got married in February of 2016 when Crystal was expecting their first child together, Shaffer Chimere.