Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was a huge part of the Los Angeles Rams and there run to the Super Bowl this past season. While the team ultimately lost in the big game to the New England Patriots, Suh was a highlight of the team as he was paired up with Aaron Donald on the defensive line. The Rams tackle signed a one-year $14 million contract with the team as a free agent last offseason, but now that his contract is up, fans are wondering if Suh will be back with the team. TMZ Sports actually caught up with Suh and asked him whether or not he plans to come back to the Rams.

"We'll see," Suh said quickly. It's clear he was in a rush and not too motivated to have a full on conversation about it. As of right now, Suh's future is definitely up in the air. 

Suh finished last season with 59 tackles and 4.5 tackles and got even better as the season went on. Suh came alive in the playoffs and at 32 years old, would still be a great addition to any defensive line.

Before the Rams, Suh played for the Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins.

Where do you see Suh ending up next season?