The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a number of new rules for the upcoming college basketball season, including the decision to push back the 3-point line more than a foot.

According to Greg Johnson of, the new 3-point will be placed at 22'1¾" away from the basket in Division I, a change from the 20'9" line that has been used since 2008. The new length, which has been used in the NIT tournament over the last two seasons, is the same as the three-point line in international competitions.

Worth noting, teams in the 2019 NIT Tournament shot 33% from behind the arc compared to a regular-season average of 35.2%. The new 3-point distance will take effect in Divisions II and III in 2020-21 to account for the costs associated with moving the line on courts.

Additionally, the NCAA has approved a new shot clock rule. Following an offensive rebounds the clock will only rest to 20 seconds, instead of 30 seconds. According to the NCAA press release, "The change is being made to enhance the pace of the game." 

Coaches will also get the opportunity to call live timeouts in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime, giving them more control at the end of games. Lastly, players will now be given technical fouls for derogatory language toward an opponent.