The Cleveland Cavaliers picked up a 121-112 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers last night behind a triple-double performance by LeBron James, but most of the talk after the game, and this morning, is what transpired after the final buzzer sounded. 

Before heading to the locker room, LeBron caught up with Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball on the court and give him some words of... well, it's anybody's guess what the 4x NBA MVP said.

With the cameras closely following his every move, LeBron pulled his jersey over his mouth while speaking with Lonzo so nobody could read his lips and attempt to decipher the message. 

Words of encouragement? Advice on how to deal with criticism? Plans for the 2018 season in L.A? Nobody knows for sure and LeBron certainly wasn't going to spill the beans when speaking with reporters during the post-game.

When asked about the exchange, LeBron simply told members of the media, "None of y'all business." Similarly, Lonzo told reporters that LeBron, "didn't tell me anything." 

LeBron recorded the 59th triple-double of his career with 25 points, 12 assists and 12 rebounds, while Lonzo finished with 13 points, 11 assists and eight boards.

Naturally, #NBATwitter had some thoughts about their little chat after the game. Check out some of the reactions below.