Youngboy Never Broke Again's life has been highlighted on social media with numerous women showing him off and becoming famous as a result. Jania Meshell is one of those women, blowing up as an influencer following her high-profile relationship with the Baton Rouge rapper. The two have a son together named Kacey, who YB loves to post on his own page.

On Monday night, Youngboy was arrested by the feds and LAPD after attempting to flee on foot. He was caught by a K-9 unit after running away, reportedly being jailed. Many of those closest to the rapper, including his on-off girlfriend Yaya Mayweather, have been reacting to the news with heartbroken posts. Jania has officially weighed in with her thoughts, claiming that only seven people matter in this situation: his kids.

"Idk who tf y'all think y'all playing with but I don't need to clout chase off my baby daddy," said Jania on Twitter before seemingly deactivating her page. "There's a reason I never say his name weird ass people." 

When somebody tried to argue that she is clout chasing by posting the rapper's son, Jania kindly reminded the fan that Kacey is also her son. "He came out my p***y b*tch," she responded before concluding. "Only 7 little people really matter right now idgaf about the rest."

For what it's worth, Jania really doesn't talk all that much about NBA Youngboy. For people to come after her for posting her own son is pretty absurd, but it shows that people just want something to be mad at.

Hopefully, Youngboy is freed soon so he can resume his fatherly duties. We'll keep you posted as more details come out.