There is always a web of drama surrounding Youngboy Never Broke Again. Riddled with legal issues, the superstar rapper seemingly has a lot of relationship drama to deal with as well.

Several weeks ago, his baby mama Lapattra Jacobs was named as an alleged stabbing victim after the rapper's current girlfriend, Yaya Mayweather, attacked her. She faces life in prison if proven guilty but there have not been any updates in the case as of late.

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Lapattra Jacobs has shown off the injuries on her arm, noting that she's unsure if she will ever be able to use her hand again. She hammered that point home in her latest note, telling her followers that she keeps getting bad news from the doctor.

"At this point, I'm still hurting, she wrote on Instagram. She went on to address all the name-calling she has faced.

"Since APRIL 3, I been getting call all kinds of names because I'm not the person y'all want me to be. I have some on my side, some not, & some just on my side to get in my business," she said. "They keep telling me be strong but this a situation that's going to always have me weak. Then my arm and hand still fuck up no telling when it will get back to normal. EVERY DOCTORS VISIT ITS ALWAYS BADS NEWS like I can't get enough this is so stressful, depressing, etc. ALL I SEE IS DARK DAYS DARK CLOUD NOW! NOT GOING TO SAY MUCH BUT ITS BEEN ROUGH."

Pray for Lapattra Jacobs. She's going through it.