As you all surely know by this point, Youngboy Never Broke Again has a number of children by different women but one of the women in his life, Kaylyn, has just come forward to claim that she actually had a miscarriage, admitting that the baby she's been posting on her page was actually her brother's.

For the longest time, people were under the impression that NBA Youngboy had a child with Kaylyn. After all, they were together for a minute so, when Kaylyn got pregnant, everyone just assumed the baby was his. While they may have been correct, Kaylyn claims that she actually lost her baby.

That situation is obviously horrible. Nobody wishes for that to happen to anybody. However, what makes this case even stranger is the fact that Kaylyn has been posting a baby on her social media profiles and playing it off as though it was her own. In a bombshell revelation on IG, she claimed that she was actually sharing pictures of her brother's newborn.

"Hey, so even though it's no one's business people might hate me. Stop supporting me or anything of the sort... I lost my child," she said. "It's been something I can't accept at all. I've never faked pregnancy or anything of that sort, but it's no need to continuously carry that weight on me. I'm sorry to those who were led astray or confused about anything. Thank you."

Pray for Kaylyn, who is clearly going through a tough time accepting this.