If you've kept up with Youngboy Never Broke Again's personal life even to the slightest degree, you know how messy things can get with him. The rapper has over a handful of children by different women and, seemingly every week, he's flaunting a new woman by his side. Most recently, he showed off his latest girlfriend in a video for social media but, on his own accord, he's not sure if they're actually a good match.

Taking to Twitter, NBA Youngboy revealed that he's been having some relationship trouble.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"My bitch don’t like me I think I’m too angry for her or just my Energy," wrote the 20-year-old rapper. In his mentions, people are telling him it's probably a combination of both. After all, YB isn't exactly known for having the most calm-mannered spirit.

He continued, "'She’s proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel.'" At least he's still got faith?

Hopefully, NBA Youngboy has found himself the one. From the sound of it, she may not stick around for too long if she's already getting peeved by his anger problems. Maybe the next one will be more accepting or, could it be that Youngboy is the problem?