Though Coronavirus has kept the world inside, for the most part, NBA Youngboy found himself making headlines after his "wife" Yaya Mayweather allegedly stabbed his baby mama at his house. If this wasn't enough, Kodak Black, who is currently behind bars, began accusing the "AI Nash" rapper of cooperating with authorities on Instagram. Spawning a back-and-forth between the two rappers on social media, NBA Youngboy's Instagram eventually was cleared completely. 

As it turns out, it had nothing to actually do with Kodak Black, or at least that's what's NBA Youngboy is saying. He hit IG Live with Baton Rouge rapper BWay Yungy and explained that there were women who were trying to use pictures on his Instagram page against him, though he didn't elaborate much further than that.

"You know why I deleted my pictures off my page?" He asked. "Women tryna incriminate me," he added while struggling to pronounce 'incriminate.' Surely, that moment will spark yet another meme-worthy moment on the Internet. He continued to explain that people have posted things of him that portray him in an unflattering light. "That shit be playin' mind games with me. Or I be playin' mind games with myself 'cause I be letting it eat me up," he added.

Even if he doesn't return to Instagram any time soon, it's unlikely that this means his contract stream of releases will be put to a halt. Last week, the rapper released two new singles, "AI Nash" and "Step On Sh*t."