Following his months-long hiatus from releasing new music, it would appear as though Youngboy Never Broke Again is easing himself back into the spotlight. While he was away, he wasn't immune to controversy, going up against the almighty J. Prince after his car garage was broken into. YB may have taken time to grow while he was away from social media though because, in his return to Instagram, he painted the picture of a caring family man.

Despite only being 20-years-old, Youngboy Never Broke Again has six kids to care for. His first post back highlighted his role as a father, holding his adorable son's hand as they walked through a picturesque town.

Taken during corona times, YB rocks a mask over his face. His son is not wearing one. 

In the comments, people are excited about Youngboy being back. As DJ Akademiks pointed out, the picture garnered over 20,000 comments in less than ten minutes. If that doesn't convince you that people wanted him back, then I don't know what to tell you. 

Do you think we'll be witnessing a new side of Youngboy where he's more of a family man on social media or will he be back to his regular antics in no time?