The latest update pertaining to rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again's federal gun possession charges isn't looking very promising for fans of the 21-year-old recording artist. According to reports by AllHipHop, the rapper could remain locked up until his trial. Legal documents suggest that federal prosecutors in Youngboy's case are deeming him a threat and requesting that he stay in jail until his trial.

Because of his criminal history, prosecutors are looking to fight the motion filed by Youngboy's lawyers to have him released on house arrest.

"Mr. Gaulden has a history of violence and a history of using firearms," it says in the docs. "We believe that he poses a danger to the community regardless of any conditions the Court would set.

While he does have financial resources, he attempted to flee in this instant case to avoid arrest, and we have genuine concerns that he would be willing to travel back to Louisiana to face the charges that he is facing here."

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The rapper's attorney Andrew Flier responded that his client isn't a flight risk, arguing, "He will... comply with any terms and conditions. I spoke to him about that. I just think that, when you have someone that is in the rap entertainment business, that doesn’t mean he gets a pass for anything. Of course not. But when you have someone that's in that industry — the reason why I bring it up, he is very well-known. He's not going to go anywhere. That's what he does. He makes music, he makes music videos, and he's very successful. He's not going to leave the United States. He will comply with any term and condition."

This news comes following reports that authorities referred to the rapper's takedown mission as "Never Free Again." You can read that troubling report here.

Hopefully, Youngboy comes home soon. We'll keep you posted on any further updates in his case.

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