NBA YoungBoy has been put through the wringer in the last few weeks, dealing with possible serious legal consequences after video footage showed him body-slamming his girlfriend in a hotel hallway. A report claimed that the young rapper may be facing up to ten years in prison for his actions and there is no doubt that his attorneys will be working hard to get him off. In case NBA YoungBoy gets minimal or no time in the pen, he is already preparing his upcoming musical releases. YoungBoy shared a snippet today of a track he has stashed with Future, cover art and all, to please his fans for a few days.

The Louisiana rapper teased a short preview of "Right Or Wrong," showcasing his singing chops in the intro as well as the first two bars of the track. The song sounds smooth and Future will likely add his brand of auto-tuned star-power for the track to be enjoyed by the masses. It goes without doubt that YoungBoy has a lot of talent but his run-ins with the law may affect his career for the long haul.

The Instagram video has "Free YoungBoy" comments scattered throughout, highlighting the level of support the rapper has garnered within his short rap tenure. Here's hoping that NBA YoungBoy gets his legal situation sorted out as he has shown tremendous promise with his limited releases.