NBA Youngboy has often been prohibited to travel or move state-to-state (let alone leave the country) because of his complicated history with the police. The young Baton Rouge native has had his fair share of arrests, which has led to both jail time and probation time. It's hard to keep track of his current situation, although it would seem he's off probation (or at least now has some flexibility) as an hour ago, he shared a video clip of himself touching down in Chicago.

NBA Youngboy coronavirus travel

This just begs a bigger question, and that is to say, where is Youngboy going? Why is he travelling to Chicago at a time when the world is essentially entirely shut down? Surely he's not performing. Is it an important studio session? Before the world went into full quarantine/"are we in a movie"-mode, the rapper was spotted in the studio with DaBaby, so he's definitely got collaborations cooking up.

Fans seemed to be equally curious as to why Youngboy was hitting Chi-town amid a pandemic. There were countless replies to his video post encouraging the rapper to "stay safe," and be weary of the Corona.