Youngboy Never Broke Again is the unlikeliest streaming entity to win top honors, for more than one reason. For starters, his music is sometimes improperly tagged, and often bereft of the promotion it duly-deserves. And yet, Youngboy fans have spoken the loudest, streaming his video/audio content threadbare, going on 101 weeks at the top of YouTube's "Top Artist," across all genres. 

What makes NBA's accomplishment all the more impressive, is that he's done it without the big label muscle of his closest competitors. To put his feat perspective, NBA brought his total to 54.6 million views this past week, above artists like Kodak Black (40.2 million), Post Malone (39.9 million), XXXTentacion (35.2 million), and Lil Baby (32.4 million), who as you know, have all the support in the World pushing them up the ladder.

Anyone who's followed his career closely knows that NBA has only beginning to develop a keener sense of business, at a corruptible 19-years of age. And that doesn't even begin to describe the steep incline he enjoyed in his artistic development, over the course of 2018. The teenage phenom isn't too far removed from securing a rumored $2 million pro-rated check by Atlantic Records. Even legal issues have done nothing to halt his ascension up the ladder - 2019 and beyond.