Over the weekend, things went a little haywire between NBA Youngboy, Yaya Mayweather and Kodak Black. To backtrack, if you're not up to date, Floyd Mayweather's daughter, Yaya, reportedly stabbed the baby mama of NBA Youngboy when she found the two in Youngboy's home together.

Kodak Black threw himself into the thick of it, when he alleged that Youngboy snitched by cooperating with the police for this particular incident. Youngboy denied these allegations and was clearly upset by the accusations, and when Kodak Black took things a step further by claiming that Youngboy wants to be like him, Youngboy went off on the locked up rapper during an IG Live session with the fans. "You a hatin' ass b*tch," he slammed Kodak during his Instagram Live.

Kodak black nba youngboy beef

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Well, Youngboy appears to have one last jab to throw Kodak Black's way. The Baton Rouge rapper took to Twitter yesterday where he sub-tweeted at Kodak, "You deserve to be stepped on with that clout chasing shit." The replies to Youngboy's were mostly supportive, with statements like "Kodak jealous simple," or "Showed nothing but love to Kodak and he can’t mind his buisness all of a sudden smh."

What do you think? Why is Kodak stirring up trouble with Youngboy? 

We'll keep you updated if this beef unravels further.