Youngboy Never Broke Again has found himself in some trouble in the past during his concerts. There have been a few instances where he or his security have gotten into some sort of dispute with concertgoers. Despite this, the rapper still shows love to his fans and shows appreciation for their support. Most recently, the rapper handed one of his fans a big stack of money to congratulate one of his fans for graduating high school.

A Youngboy Never Broke Again fan left a concert with a whole lot of money in his pocket. During the concert, Youngboy hooked up a fan with a large wad of cash for graduating high school. In the clip that surfaced, a fan got on the microphone to reveal that he got his high school diploma which prompts Youngboy to hand over a big wad of cash to the young man. 

Unfortunately, not all of Youngboy's concerts have gone over this smooth. Footage surfaced in late September of the rapper allegedly swinging on a concertgoer, although the details surrounding what provoked Youngboy is still unclear. Shortly before that incident, the rapper brought a fan on stage who threw something at him from the crowd before having his security pick up the fan and throw him back into the audience.

Aside from that, Youngboy Never Broke Again kept fans blessed with tons of new music this fall. The rapper released his mixtape, Decided in the beginning of September before releasing 4Respect 4Freedom 4Loyalty 4WhatImportant a week later.