Ever since he was released from prison this summer, YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been adapting to his new life on house arrest. For the next year, he will not be allowed to go on tour, being restricted from using social media as well. If you've been looking for updates regarding the young star, that's likely the reason why you've been coming up short. We're all waiting for new music from the Baton Rouge teenager and some of his stans were a little more overzealous than others this week.

In an attempt to see their idol, a number of fans in the Louisiana area pulled up on NBA YoungBoy after coming across his address. They had been hoping to spot the rapper but, since he's still rocking an ankle monitor, that can prove to be pretty difficult since he's not exactly leaving the house as often as before. Still, he granted them their wish by venturing into the front yard and greeting his visitors. 

The fan-filmed video has been cut into sections but YoungBoy appeared to be gracious that the women were so dedicated that they stood outside his crib and screamed for him to come out. "Thank you, it's okay," he told one fan as he crouched at his gate. The troubled 19-year-old looks genuinely pleased to be speaking with his supporters. Now, all we need is new music. Free YB!