As NBA YoungBoy remains in federal custody, more information regarding his case has been shared. The rapper was picked up by federal authorities earlier this week in Los Angeles following a traffic stop. The vehicle YoungBoy was in led police on a short-lived pursuit and when pulled over, YoungBoy ran on foot before he was tracked by a K-9 unit. It was later reported that the warrant that was issued for his arrest stemmed from the September incident when he was taken into custody.

A lawyer has reportedly obtained information about the case and has taken to Instagram to share details regarding what could be next for the 21-year-old father of seven. "Got the update on YoungBoy. He's facing a federal charge for felon possession of a firearm. Carries with it a sentence of between five and ten years," said the lawyer. "He didn't get hit with the RICO charge. This, however, is a very serious charge. He has priors, also, when they tried to arrest him he ran and they found a gun in the car he ran from."

In the caption, he added, "No Rico. Felon in possession of a firearm. When feds charge that they are going to have strong evidence like DNA or fingerprints or something else tying you to the firearm. While typically this isn't the most serious charge, when you have a guy with priors involving guns, and the guy who ran from Cops when they try to arrest him and then the cops found a gun in the car he ran from, that is all going to be a very big problem. Bail will be tough. And it's going to be very hard to avoid jail time."

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