NBA Youngboy found himself at the center of a bubbling feud after Kodak Black labeled the Louisiana rapper a snitch. Though the back-and-forth between them went on for a few days, Kodak had a few allies coming for NBA Youngboy's neck as well. JackBoy, Kodak's righthand man, was quick to pounce on Youngboy while JayDaYoungan also took aim at NBA Youngboy on "38K (Facts)."


Even with a whole diss track out, it appears that JayDaYoungan isn't on NBA Youngboy's radar at all. Youngboy hopped on Instagram Live recently with a couple where he was asked about the Florida rapper. "Who's that?" He asked before cracking a grin from ear to ear. "Are they on Cartoon Network?

Aside from the fact that NBA Youngboy seems like an avid fan of Cartoon Network, this appears to be more of a troll than anything. Upon releasing "38K," JayDaYoungan also dropped a music video that had alleged text messages from NBA Youngboy. It's unclear whether there was any validity to those messages, JayDaYoungan has stated that he's previously dealt with NBA Youngboy's baby mama.

JayDaYoungan was recently arrested alongside his pregnant for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, narcotics possession, and tampering with evidence. According to his Instagram Page, it appears that he has since been released.

Check out Youngboy's comments below.