NBA YoungBoy is here to clarify once and for all just how many kids he has helped bring into the world so far. The rapper seems to be aware that some folks are a little confused about the exact number of children he's fathered, so he decided to address the subject during an Instagram live session with Rich the Kid.

“Aye look, I got four little boys, right?" the 20-year-old says in a clip from the live. "Matter fact, one of their birthdays is today. I got four little boys and I got one daughter, her name is Armani. I got another daughter on the way though. I got one daughter that's born. Y’all gotta stop that weird shit.” 

Last month, two different women each gave birth to a child that they share with NBA YoungBoy on the exact same day. A few days later, the rapper released a new song titled "Death Enclaimed" along with some accompanying visuals. On "Death Enclaimed," YoungBoy spits, "Tired of f*cking 'round with groupies/4 lil' boys and 2 lil' girls and they mine." However, according to his recent statement, one of his daughters has yet to be born. 

In the music video for "Death Enclaimed," YoungBoy is shown taking two of his sons to the beach. In another shot, he can be seen doing his youngest son's hair.