If you ask YoungBoy Never Broke Again, he's the same as you and me... just with way more money. The 20-year-old Baton Rouge rapper has been made to look like the villain in a number of situations. His legal history hasn't helped his case one bit, and his tricky love life continues to muddy things up. His consistency on the musical end of things doesn't always translate to his personal life. With domestic violence allegations, involvement in several shootings, and more in the last couple of years, NBA YoungBoy doesn't have the squeakiest reputation. He's unsure why though, taking to social media to voice his confusion.

Now that he can freely use social media as a means to let his frustration out, YoungBoy Never Broke Again decided to question anybody who calls him a bad person, insisting that he's just being himself. The star tweeted: "Fucked up how People always make me seem like a bad person I’m just me." As always with anything he does, the post racked up retweets and likes in a quick manner. After all, YB is one of the most popular artists on the internet, despite his reputation. 

We'll leave it up to you guys. Do you think NBA YoungBoy is a bad person? If so, how come?

Paras Griffin/Getty Images