The streets have been screaming "Free NBA Youngboy" ever since he was arrested earlier this month as part of a police sting. The rapper was arrested this past spring as part of a sting called "Operation Never Free Again." Unfortunately, the rapper is being held in custody without bail and his latest effort to be released certainly didn't work in his favor.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

According to AllHipHop, a judge has, once again, shut down NBA Youngboy's attempt to be released from prison. This time, it comes off the heels of federal prosecutors presenting the court with unflattering photos of NBA Youngboy appearing to carry firearms on the set of a music video and in a photo with a 10-year-old fan.

The rapper's legal team appealed the judge's April decision to revoke his appeal. At the time, the judge said that Youngboy was a threat to society. United States Magistrate Judge Scott D. Johnson hasn't budged on his stance, saying in his recent ruling that “no condition or combination of conditions would reasonably assure the safety of the community," per AllHipHop.

The judge explained that the evidence to back the charges was enough to keep the rapper locked up and support the prosecutor's argument. Additionally, Judge Scott D. Johnson also stated that Youngboy's evading police makes him "inclined towards reckless illegal and dangerous behavior."

We'll keep you updated on Youngboy's case.