NBA YoungBoy has been keeping himself quite busy since being released from prison. The 19-year-old Louisiana rapper has pretty much lived in the studio and just yesterday, he released his most recent single," Bandit," with Juice WRLD. It looks as if YoungBoy has linked with his rumored ex-girlfriend Yaya Mayweather because the pair were on Instagram Live to share what sounds to be a collaboration.

The brief clip opens with Yaya's verse as she talks about wearing jewelry and being a class woman. Viewers are only able to hear a few bars before her verse ends with a nod to her father, Floyd Mayweather, as she says, "I get to bobbin' and weavin' like my daddy." YoungBoy is just enjoying the music as he bounces around the room while Yaya attempts to keep him on camera.

The pair have reportedly been on-again-off-again and Yaya was even spotted at one of the rapper's court appearances alongside his mother earlier this year. Their relationship was engulfed in gossip as rumors of slashed tires and pregnancies ran rampant. However, YoungBoy has been dating Kay Marie who stood by his side while he was locked up in prison. The reunion between the rapper and the boxing legend's daughter seems to be a professional one, so check out a clip of their collaboration and let us know if YoungBoy has a hit on his hands.