It's rare to hear anything from YoungBoy Never Broke Again on social media these days. If you've been wondering what the rapper has been up to, you've likely already resorted to following those closest to him. The young rapper is currently serving the remainder of his fourteen-month house arrest sentence after being released from prison and under the restrictions of his probation, he's seemingly not able to update his online accounts. That means that if you want to see any recent photos of the 19-year-old, you'll want to follow his team on social media. His girlfriend, Kaylyn, appears to be keeping her man company as he is unable to travel or perform shows and when she's not home, YoungBoy has a new friend he can play with.

It would appear as though the couple is testing out their parenting skills by easing themselves into things, showing off their adorable new kitten in a series of videos. Kaylyn posted a couple of clips of the cat goofing around, playing with YoungBoy as he lays in bed. In another shot, the animal stands atop a chair, balancing himself and just doing cute kitten stuff.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is currently due to remain on house arrest for the next year. Once he's completed that time, he will be allowed to travel again and promote his music on the road.