Baton Rouge-based rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday evening after reportedly fleeing from the police on foot. It is being reported that the feds have been building a case against the rapper for over the last year, cracking down on him with helicopters, a heavy police presence, and a K-9 unit last night. 

People close to the rapper have been reacting to the news of his arrest on social media, including the mothers of his children Yaya Mayweather and Jania Meshell, and alleged footage has been released that reportedly shows the police pursuit of NBA Youngboy.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In the video, which was shared on DJ Akademiks' popular blog account, a street is closed off to the public as a passerby seemingly films the surroundings. Helicopters can be heard flying overhead with a police officer ensuring that nobody enters the marked-off area. Another officer calls out on the loudspeaker, allegedly warning Youngboy that he must emerge from where he was hiding with his arms raised. If he failed to cooperate, they would be sending a dog to find him.

According to the arrest report, a K-9 unit was deployed to find the rapper. He was reportedly taken into custody and it's unclear what he is being charged with.

Watch the video of his alleged arrest above. Hopefully, he gets out of jail soon so he can continue his prolific music career. Free Youngboy.