Yesterday, we reported that the NBA had finalized some of the details for their return to play plans. Essentially, 22 teams will play in Orlando: 13 from the Western Conference and 9 from the Eastern Conference. Each team would have to play eight regular-season games for seeding and if the ninth seed were to be less than four games back of the final playoff spot, they would get to participate in a winner-takes-all play-in game. 

Today, all 30 NBA teams voted on the plan and it passed with an overwhelming 29-1 majority. Simply put, the NBA is coming back and you should all be very excited about it. In addition to this, the NBA has decided on a date for the NBA Draft Lottery and the Draft itself. The lottery will take place on August 25th while the draft will go down on October 15th.

This is certainly a barrage of information but its all good news. Sports fans have been starved for a return to normalcy and it seems as though July will be able to provide that to all of us. It's a good day to be an NBA fan and a couple of months ago, it truly didn't seem like this day was going to be possible.

Hopefully, the virus can continue to be fought and the season comes back without a single hitch.