Coronavirus is the virus that has people worried about a potential pandemic. Over 90,000 people have the virus now and many have died due to the disease. While there is still a lot we don't know about COVID-19, there is no denying just how scary it can be. Sports leagues all over the world are taking precautions to make sure players and fans are safe. The NBA is joining this fight now and according to TMZ, they recently released a memo with a bevy of suggestions for players.

In the memo, they say that players should avoid handshakes and daps. Instead, they should fist bump as it is a lot more sanitary. This memo also states that autograph signings should include a unique pen for each player and that they shouldn't share pens, basketballs, or even jerseys. In fact, CJ McCollum of the Trail Blazers recently stated that he was done with autograph signing until further notice.

"The health and safety of our employees, teams, players and fans is paramount," the NBA's statement read. "We are coordinating with our teams and consulting with the CDC and infectious disease specialists on the coronavirus and continue to monitor the situation closely."

For now, the Coronavirus remains a threat but if the NBA keeps taking these precautions, their players will certainly feel a lot safer, moving forward.