Stemming back to last year’s playoffs when the Oklahoma City Thunder denied him special security and courtside seats to a playoff game, Lil Wayne has had a tumultuous relationship with the NBA.  Over the weekend, after unceremoniously leaving a Heat game, and being excluded from All Star events, Weezy took out his frustration on his now infamous “I fucked Chris Bosh wife” anti-Heat rant, where he claimed he was “banned” from NBA events.  Now the NBA has responded saying there is no such ban.

To give some more background info, Karen Civil reports that Tunechi was supposed to be part of one of Gerald Green’s Dunk Contest dunks where he would jump over the rapper who would be riding a skateboard.   Apparently the NBA nixed this idea saying they wanted to keep the weekend “Houston themed,” after the city it was being held. 

This may have been what set the Young Money artist off as he berated members of the Heat (not named LeBron), and made a brash accusation about All Star forward, Chris Bosh’s wife.  Now NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications Mark Broussard says to TMZ it’s not true, simply stating there is “no truth at all” to the claim that the NBA has banned Wayne. 

Also, as previously reported, the Miami Heat organization said the rapper left on his own volition at the game he claimed he was kicked out of.