The NBA will reportedly prohibit players from wearing those ninja-style headbands in the 2019-20 season, just as the trend was starting to catch on.

Players like Jimmy Butler, Mo Harkless, Mike Scott, Wesley Matthews and Jrue Holiday donned the headbands throughout last season, and LeBron James has recently been sporting the look during his summer workouts. However, according to Scott, the NBA has deemed the look to be "too unprofessional."

The league has not yet made an official announcement about their decision to ban the popular Nike head ties, but we're sure Scott and the others will find another way to express themselves out on the court.


According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, NBA spokesman Mike Bass says teams raised concern about size, length and "how they are tied which requires a thorough review before consideration of any rule change." Bass adds, "When some players began wearing them last season, we didn't want to cause a disruption by intervening midseason..." but teams have now been informed that the ninja-style headwear won't be permitted this season.